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Michigan State University and its Student Organic Farm 
Announce the new 12 Month Organic Farming Certificate Program,
Beginning in January 2007!

It's Finally Here!
Organic Farming Apprenticeship and Course Work for Academic Credit

Where:       Michigan State University Student Organic Farm
                 East Lansing, Michigan

What:*       One year (40 credits) of course work and experience operating a certified organic, 10 acre, four season farm
        *        7 acres of field production, 10,000 sq ft of unheated greenhouses, 4000 sq ft of heated greenhouses
        *        Production of fresh vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers for 50 membership 48 week CSA and a summer farm stand
        *        Management of 1/2 acre permaculture (native, edible forest garden) plot
        *        Honey bees and free-range laying hens on site

The certificate program is administered through MSU's Horticulture Department And  Agriculture Technology Institute. Housing is available in Spartan Sustainable Village apartments on campus.

When:*       Starting January 2007 for one year on campus plus an on-farm or community garden based internship.

Who: *       A group of 10-15 students who are passionate about organic farming and food systems, taking classes and working together as a team. 
        *       The program will prepare participants for a future career in organic farming, food security projects, farm to school, organic agriculture education, community garden projects, the Peace Corps, and more!

How: *      Contact Corie Pierce at [log in to unmask]
        *      Call 517-355-5191 then dial 1 and ext. 411 for an application or more information
        *      Ask us about the availability of workshops and on-line courses for people who cannot participate full-time but want to learn about organic farming
        *      Visit

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Corie Pierce


Vicki Morrone

Organic Vegetable and Crop Specialist

C.S. Mott Group for Sustainable Food Systems

CARRS Departent of Community, Agriclture, Recreation and Resource Studies

303 Natural Resources Bldg

Michigan State University

East Lansing, MI 48824-1222

Phone: 517-353-3542

Cell: 517-282-3557

FAX 517-353-3834

E-Mail:  [log in to unmask]


Don’t forget! A carrot a day may keep the doctor away but an ORGANIC carrot a day, grown locally will taste good, support your farmer neighbor AND may keep the doctor away!!!