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Hi everyone.
Giving Tree farm's directors want me to purchase and grow some "fruit".  We have a lot of muck soil, with a high pH, so we may try blueberries later, when we figure out how to manage the pH. The first fruit I ordered was strawberries, raspberries and blackberries.  We will be starting our own grapes from cuttings.
We also have a section of the farm that is a heavy clay, with lots of mineral content.  I think there may be a water drainage problem there, but it is the only place that makes sense to me. So now they want me to order some fruit trees. (mostly for CSA memberships and our own use, some for restaurants).  Can anyone give me suggestions? 
    I am looking for flavorful, hardy varieties, (Most of the farm is a zone 4 (-20 is common in the winter), with good disease resistance,
Thanks for your time!