The WAIB constitution (which is to be ratified at the WAIB annual meeting in Quebec City, Canada, next week) includes the following officer positions: President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, two Members-at-Large, one Student Member-at-Large, Past President and WAIB Founder.


Nominations opened on May 23, 2005, for the following positions: President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, Member-at-Large and Student Member-at-Large. One nomination was submitted for each position, with the exception of the Member-at-Large where two individuals were nominated. After discussion with the current WAIB executive, we decided there was enough work to be done that we should increase the number of Member-at-Large positions from one to two slots.


Attached below is the list of individuals who have been nominated for officer positions in Women in the Academy of International Business (WAIB) for 2005-2007. The Nomination Slate is listed first, followed by addresses and brief bios for each of the nominees.


I ask that the Nomination Slate be elected by acclamation at the annual WAIB meeting in Quebec City, Canada, next week. This year, the annual WAIB meeting will be held on Monday morning, July 11, from 7:00am until 8:30am in Room 205C in the Convention Center. Breakfast will be provided at the meeting. We look forward to seeing you!


Lorraine Eden, WAIB Founder

July 6, 2005





PRESIDENT: Susan Trussler, University of Scranton


VICE PRESIDENT: Susan Forquer Gupta, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee


SECRETARY-TREASURER: Shaista Khilji, George Washington University

MEMBER-AT-LARGE: Jane Ross, University of Maryland University College


MEMBER-AT-LARGE: Gabriele Suder, European School of Business


STUDENT MEMBER-AT-LARGE: Lisa Williams, State University of New York at Buffalo





Dr. Susan Trussler

Director, Center for International Business

Kania School of Management

University of Scranton

Phone: (570) 941-6122 Fax: (570) 941-4342

Email: [log in to unmask]

Bio: Susan Trussler is Associate Professor of Economics and Director of the International Business Program at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania. She is currently Vice President of WAIB and has been involved in WAIB activities including participating as a panelist on the first WAIB-sponsored panel in Stockholm, and working on the development of the Constitution. She has been actively involved in the AIB for over a decade, serving as Vice President Administration, Chair of the Northeast USA Chapter, and Program Chair for three NE USA Chapter conferences. Much of her recent teaching and research has focused on China. She suffers from the usual career/life juggling problems as the wife of a philosopher and mother of a ten-year-old daughter.



Dr. Susan Forquer Gupta

Assistant Professor

Marketing Faculty

School of Business Administration

University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Phone: (414) 229-4596

Email: [log in to unmask]


Bio: Susan Forquer Gupta is Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. She is currently WAIB "Member at Large",
and was a WAIB panelist in
Stockholm, and will chair the upcoming WAIB panel
Quebec City. She has worked with the WAIB officers in developing the
WAIB panels, and investigating child-care options for AIB attendees. Her
research and teaching encompass international marketing with a focus on
transitional and developing economies. 





Dr. Shaista E. Khilji
Assistant Professor of Human and Organizational Studies

Graduate School of Education and Human Development

The George Washington University

2134 G Street

Washington DC 20052 USA

Tel: 202-994-1146 (O) Fax: 202-994-4928

Email: [log in to unmask]


Bio: Shaista Khilji was born and brought up in Pakistan. She graduated from University of Cambridge, UK with a doctoral degree in 2000. Since then she has taught at McGill University (Canada), Carleton University (Canada) and American University (Washington DC). Shaista is starting a new position at GWU in August 2005. Her interest in gender issues dates back three years when she (with colleagues) were funded by the Center for the Education of Work and Women in Ottawa to pursue a study of gender (and generational) differences in Canadian organizations. She has presented findings of this research at symposium and executive forums in Canada. She has also been invited to speak at the Russian Leadership Program sponsored by the Women and Politics Institute (DC) and the Intercultural Management Institute (DC) about the status of women in management. Shaista believes she has a lot to contribute to this wonderful initiative (WAIB), given her international background, interest and a relevant research experience. She is motivated to make a difference to women in our field.





Dr. Jane Ross

Collegiate Professor

University of Maryland University College

Business and Executive Programs Department

3501 University Blvd. East

Adelphi, Maryland 20783 USA

Phone: 780-672-9315

E-mail: [log in to unmask]


Bio: Jane Ross's background includes a doctorate from Cambridge University (UK) and business/educator experience around the world, including in South Korea, Dubai/UAE and her native Alberta, Canada, where she currently resides. As Course Manager, AMBA 606, she guides a multinational faculty with Canadian, Australian and US representation in the online MBA programs at University of Maryland University College.





Dr phil Gabriele Suder

Professor of International Business

CERAM Sophia Antipolis

European School of Business

Rue Dostoievski, BP 085

F- 06902 Sophia Antipolis Cedex

Tel. -33. (0) 4 93 95 32 16   Fax -33. (0) 4 93 95 44 29

www.ceram.edu; www.globalfinance.org


Bio: Gabriele G. S. Suder is Professor of International Business at CERAM Sophia Antipolis. She is also the founder/ program director of its Master in Management Global Management & European Business, was the founder/director of its full – time MBA. Her main expertise focuses on (a) the impact of European Economic Integration and the politics of multinational enterprise strategy, and (b) risk management within regional integration. Professor Suder holds a PhD in Management from Bath School of Management, UK, 1994. In addition to the CERAM, she has served at the University of Bath, Idrac, IAU, ESC Toulon and the International Business Program of the Graduate School of Business Marseilles- Provence, France. Professor Suder is member of the Academy of International Business and WAIB (Women in AIB). She publishes and teaches in International Business, in Risk Management and in European Union affairs in French, German and English, is reviewer for several academic journals, and editorial member of the International Journal of risk Assessment & Management. She is editor of ‘Terrorism and the International Business Environment.’ (E. Elgar, UK and USA), of ‘Corporate Strategy under terrorism and adversity’, with the same publisher, and currently writing European and international business textbooks. She is founding member of the Sophia Antipolis export club for innovative SMEs (INCITE), and works in close cooperation with some of the major corporations in Europe, in particular Microsoft EMEA and Eurocopter.





Ms. Lisa Williams

School of Management

Department of Organization and Human Resources

State University of New York at Buffalo

320 Jacobs Management Center, Box 60400

Buffalo, New York 14260-4000

Phone: 716-645-3280 · Email [log in to unmask]


Bio: Lisa Williams’ interest in research was sparked while she was an undergraduate student taking an introductory class in Organizational Behavior. Through a specialized undergraduate major, Lisa focused on trust-based relationships in organizations, particularly in the intercultural context. Currently preparing to apply for Ph.D. candidacy, this focus will be represented in her dissertation. Lisa has two main reasons for pursuing the position of Doctoral Student Member-At-Large. First, she believes in the mission of WAIB. Its focus on developing research and relationships is important, and one that has personal meaning her. Throughout her life, educators have been a wonderful influence. This is her opportunity to serve the community that has enriched her life. Also, with fifteen years experience in public accounting and controller’s positions, and her more recent entry into academia while raising an eight-year-old son, Lisa knows the challenges that women face in the workplace. This position provides the opportunity to participate in a forum that addresses these issues. In addition to substantial work experience, Lisa has been involved in administrative aspects of her academic department, including subject pool administration, and recruiting new students. Also, she is a reviewer for both the Academy of International Business and Academy of Management annual meetings, has taught several semesters of undergraduate management courses, and was a teaching assistant for two semesters of executive M.B.A. courses. In all her endeavors, her efforts are characterized by strong organizational skills, an open mind, a practical approach, and a genuine enjoyment of people. She would be honored to use her abilities to serve the Women in the Academy of International Business.



In addition to these two positions, the following two individuals are members of the WAIB Executive for 2005-2007:


Past President

Dr. Lyn Amine, Professor of Marketing, Saint Louis University

[log in to unmask]


WAIB Founder

Dr. Lorraine Eden, Professor of Management, Texas A&M University

Email: [log in to unmask]



In addition, Beckie LeFlore, Texas A&M University, WAIB Webmaster, is an ex-officio member of the WAIB Executive.


Submitted by Lorraine Eden ([log in to unmask])

July 6, 2005

Lorraine Eden
Professor of Management and Texas A&M Faculty Fellow
Department of Management
TAMU 4221, Mays Business School
Texas A&M University
College Station, Texas 77843-4221 USA
Phone: 979/862-4053 (w) 979/693-1626 (h)
Fax: 979/845-9641 E-mail: [log in to unmask]
WWW: http://cibs.tamu.edu/leden; http://www.voxprof.com
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