We are handling this right now over the phone.
The following information is posted in red at the top of the pin request
We will have staff handling this over the phone until at least 7pm tonight.

4/26/04 Special Request Processing:
To assist faculty and staff with the retrieval of their PINs we are
currently handling PIN processing over the phone. Until 7pm you may call
432-6200 and a staff member will be able to provide you with your PIN after
verifying your identity.

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Each user has only one PIN, and ACNS will provide that to them when they
request it (although I don't know the exact procedure they are using for
that right now).  Once the user has the PIN, he or she will be able to set a
new password for their existing NetID.  So, yes, they will keep their old
email address.

At 04:38 PM 4/26/2004, Cheryl Akers wrote:
>I had at least one user notified after 3:00 who didn't see his change
>password until after it was cancelled.  What can I do?  Forget old Pin
>numbers.  If we apply for a new one can he keep his same email address?
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